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Taiwan Food Processing Ltd.

Taiwan Food Processing Ltd. was established in 2014 in Bhaluka, Mymensing. Shepherd Group, as a Taiwanese funded company, we believe Bangladesh agriculture sector has a very promising future especially in growing pineapple, aloe vera, baby corn, and mushroom. Therefore after a series of marketing research,environment and weather analysis, and feasibility report, the board of directors have decided to introduce Taiwanese farming and food can technology to Bangladesh. Our goal is to introduce and export goods to the world that is 100% Bangladesh made. Our current export markets include Taiwan, Japan, China, U.S.A., U.A.E., and Europe. Our current daily capacity is 40,000 cans. Inherited with the Shepherd culture, we are committed with quality control, accurate time delivery, and large production capacity.

Product Capacities:

Main products: Canned pineapple, canned baby corn, canned mushroom, canned/ foiled aloe vera.

Daily Capacities :

40,000 Cans/ Day

Marketing Department

Who to contact:

Chung Wen Kuei (Mark)
Managing Director
Taiwan Food and Processing Industries Ltd.

Chiu Chia Chi (Bruce)
Taiwan Food and Processing Industries Ltd.

Lin. Chih Wen (Lyndon)